Manitoba Women's Health Profile

The Manitoba Women's Health Profile is a collaboration, with funding provided by Health Canada, Manitoba Health and the Bureau of Women's Health and Gender Analysis.

The Profile will provide new information on the health, health outcomes and health care use of women in Manitoba, using a broad perspective. What makes women healthy or unhealthy is not just a combination of physical and physiological conditions, but includes many other influences. Health is more than the absence of illness and staying healthy requires more than just receiving good health care. Geography, stress, income, employment conditions social supports and roles and responsibilities in the community are just some of the factors that affect women's well-being.

The Women's Health Profile will bring together current information about many facets of women's health, including a review of available data on health and health care use and a gender-based analysis of the inter-relation of the factors and complicated influences they have on women. The Profile will describe and explain these factors, and point to policies and programs which can lead to improvements and change.

Background Report
Producing a Profile of the Health of Manitoba Women
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As part of our early work on the Women's Health Profile, PWHCE secured a contract with WHO Kobe Centre to conduct a field test of the core Set of Gender-Sensitive Leading Health Indicators. copies of the final report are available from:

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