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  A Practical Guide to Photovoice: Sharing Pictures, Telling Stories and Changing Communities
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What is PhotoVoice?

PhotoVoice is a participatory action research method pioneered by Carolyn Wang.

PhotoVoice is a process that enables community members to produce photographs to document their experiences.

The photographs become the basis for group discussion of community issues and concerns.

The photographs and words become tools for social change, by providing resources to raise consciousness and influence policymakers.

Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE) has found Photovoice to be an effective way to work with women around life experiences, and their views on social policy. After completing several Photovoice projects, PWHCE has now produced a guide to share what we have learned with others who are interested in community-based work.

A Practical Guide to Photovoice: Sharing Pictures, Telling Stories and Changing Communities was written by Beverly Palibroda, with assistance from Brigette Krieg, Lisa Murdock and Joanne Havelock. The guide explains the key concepts of Photovoice and its advantages and limitations and outlines the steps in Photovoice method.

Photovoice is a participatory research and social change technique first developed by Carolyn Wang to bring forward the knowledge of marginalized community members. Community participants take photos and write text to accompany their images, revealing real life experiences. The participants are part of the team with the researchers and the process is empowering for all those who take part. In addition, the intended audiences, community representatives and policy-makers, are invited to be part of the planning process. The photos and text can be displayed in art galleries, libraries, schools or shopping malls, reproduced in calendars or in presentations. Seeing the Photovoice display is a moving experience for viewers, providing inspiration for reflection and action.

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