Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence

PhotoVoice: Freedom from Poverty

A Photovoice Project
Regina, Saskatchewan

Poverty limits choices and steals the dignity of those affected, often trapping people within its barriers. Those who experience poverty are often viewed by others through stereotypes. PhotoVoice displays the perspectives of prairie women on poverty and public policy, allowing the viewer to see life as experienced by the women through their own eyes.

Twelve Regina women from diverse backgrounds and social locations participated in the project. The participants took photographs and wrote text to accompany their pictures - their storytelling becoming a complement to their visual images. Through the project the women received some training in the use of a camera and learned how to critique photographs. The women participated in discussions about their photographs and determined what messages they wanted to convey.

The photographic images and text in this exhibit provide a new view on poverty. They challenge society's opinion and promote a critical reappraisal of public policies that affect the economic security and social inclusion/exclusion of people living in poverty.

PhotoVoice Regina built upon the experience of similar projects in Winnipeg and Saskatoon supported by the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence. PhotoVoice Regina's first exhibition opened October 17, 2007, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Appreciation is expressed to PWHCE and its funder, Health Canada. The Regina Work Preparation Centre provided a place to meet and facilitators who volunteered their time to the project. Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library, assisted with administration, promotion, preparing photos and text for exhibition and installation of the 2007 exhibit. Thanks to Vienna Di Ruscio, for photography training, Don's Photo and Microprint for assisting with developing and mounting prints, and Jackie Lay for media training.

This project is presented in five parts:

  Part One: Intro, Housing, Food Download pdf

Part Two: Transportation and Health Download pdf
  Part Three: Education and Opportunity Download pdf
  Part Four: Children, Playgrounds, Public Spaces Download pdf
  Part Five: Social Change, Legal and Tax, Who Am I? Download pdf

PhotoVoice Participants may be contacted through PWHCE.

PhotoVoice Regina Committee
Amanda Cachia, Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina Public Library
Joanne Havelock, Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence, Regina
Stacey Guy, Advocate, Regina
Diane Martz, Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence, Saskatoon
Bonnie Morton, Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry
Arlene Scott Stimpson, Regina Work Preparation Centre