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In keeping with the Federal Auditor General's call for more attention to be paid to gender in policy and program development, Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE) offers Gender-Based Analysis (GBA) training for health managers at the federal, provincial and regional levels.

Prairie Women's Health is proud of our internationally respected research and training on why it is important to pay attention to women's (and men's) health. We've advised the World Health Organization and assisted the Pan-American Health Organization. Our research has informed our understanding of the needs of Canadian communities.

We can help you to analyse available health indictor data in ways that better tailor programs and policies to the health risks and circumstances of women and men in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Strengthen your skills in analyzing your data using GBA

Improve community engagement, especially with vulnerable populations

Increase participation of women in your regional programs and achieve your recruitment goals

Help demonstrate that you are complying with mandated GBA requirements

Shape your policy messages

Improve planning, so you can accomplish more with less money

Learn to better address the needs of your clients.

After a workshop of hands-on practice, including discussions with peers, you will know how to use resources more effectively. You can start using these skills in your work right away. Together we can use this momentum to meet the needs of our local communities and become leaders in Canada.