Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence
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The Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence is one of the Centres of Excellence for Women’s Health supported by the Women’s Health Contribution Program, through the Bureau of Women’s Health and Gender Analysis of Health Canada.

The Centres are dedicated to improving the health status of Canadian women by supporting policy-oriented, and community-based research and analysis on the social and other determinants of women’s health.

News and Events

The Mother of Red Nations Women's Council of Manitoba, Inc. (MORN) invites you to share your stories about Bill C-31.
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Restructuring, Out-migration and the Health and Well-Being of Mothers Who Stay Behind Monday March 13, 2006 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm A presentation by: Ingrid Botting, PhD.
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Women and Poverty
Working together to improve women's health by reducing women's poverty

Gender and Health Planning
Considering gender in health planning, programming and policy

Rural, Remote and Northern Women's Health
Including women in rural, remote and northern communities

Aboriginal Women's Health
Understanding the health, and health issues of Aboriginal women