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A Profile of Women's Health in Manitoba

Lissa Donner
Harpa Isfeld
Margaret Haworth-Brockman
Caitlin Forsey

Data Extras

The following information is from the report A Profile of Women's Health in Manitoba, published by PWHCE in November 2008. The 'Profile' used available, sex-disaggregated data from provincial health administrative files, national surveys, Census of Canada, and municipal and other studies.

Each link from this page will access an Excel spreadsheet file containing all the charts and tables for the chapters and topic headings indicated. Where possible, more detailed data ('ungrouped data') and notes are also provided.

This information is intended for those who want a quick reference to the data, and greater specificity. We recommend that our readers also download the corresponding report chapters linked from the previous page, because it is important to consider the data together with the gender-based analysis. The GBA enriches these data with other information from the research literature, as well as important information about the lives of women in Manitoba.


Since publication of 'A Profile of Women's Health in Manitoba', some errors or omissions in the representation of data have come to light, which are described below and listed in the order in which they appear in the report. In addition, some links to sources on external websites may have changed since the publication date.
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Chapter One: Who Are The Women of Manitoba
Chapter Two: Income, Living Conditions and Other Determinants of Women's Health
Chapter Three: Health Behaviours and Lifestyle Determinants of Health
Chapter Four: Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health
Chapter Five: Physical and Mental Health
Chapter Six: Use of Health Services
Chapter Seven: Life Expectancy and Mortality for Manitoba Women


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